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Triple Crown Glory Convergence - Arizona

Alabama, Alaska & Arizona!

All in 2021! Triple Crown Glory Convergence!

Now is the time to wage a good warfare over the glory word spoken over the 3 A states. It's time to release My glory, beginning from Alaska the most Northern region of the nation into the rest of the A states and the nation! He said it’s time for the apostolic builders anointing and authority to be activated for my kingdom purposes and advancement for kingdom dominion in every sphere of influence for transformation and reformation!

Here is the transcript from when Chuck Pierce reviewed the A State Prophesies at Head of the Year in 2020.

Alabama – The first state to be awakened and create a prototype for revival.

Arizona – Arizona would have a glory explosion and it would come from the 4 corners into the center.

Alaska – Alaska is a model of unlocking the future and blocking the enemy.

Chuck Pierce Speaking 2019

In 2008 God showed me three states that would explode in His glory, The first Alabama, the second Arizona, and the third Alaska. The states that explode in my glory and are used to spread my glory.

We are convening the 3 States with the following hosts and speakers:

A special video message from Chuck Pierce

Alabama : Kent & Beverly Mattox, Paul Keith & Amy Davis and James Nesbit

Alaska : Robert & Eleanor Roehl

Arizona: Jack & Deborah Welch (Arizona Hosts)

Additional Speakers / Worship Leaders: Ed Watts & Anthony Turner


Conference Schedule:

Friday 6pm

Saturday @ 9:30 am , 2pm & 6pm



$25 per person (Space is limited)

Register through Eventbrite:

Special Rate Hotel Room Block Information:

Hotel Tucson City Center

Please email for questions

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